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A Gas App for Android - SQLite

I bought an android smartphone last summer. Shame on my geek attitude, I decided to do that only because I wanted to learn how to program for android phones. In fact, it’s quite simple and, fortunately for me, it was documented a lot by the google team. Since I just finished my bachelor in software engineering, I also bought a car. So I told myself: “Hey, why don’t you do a simple app so you can learn AND follow your gas consumption at the same time?”.

Wake-On-LAN With a Stubborn Router Using an Arduino

This post is a tutorial that describes what needs to be done to remotely boot up your computer. When I did it myself, I had a stubborn router that did not allow the reception of the magic packet from the internet, so I used an arduino board with an ethernet shield to act as a LAN relay.

Avoid the Unavoidable Visitor’s Cycle of Dependencies

I got a quick tip. I had to implement a visitor pattern (as in GOF’s book, “Design Patterns”, go read it). After it was done, I suddenly realized that this class had created an enormous cycle of dependencies in my program. It is a problem inherent to the pattern when implemented in C++, C#, Java and in any other static languages.

Testing MapReduce With MRUnit

I’ve recently started a big data project with Mathieu Dumoulin. We are using Mahout with Hadoop to do some machine learning with some Map Reduce in order to deal with big data the right way. We’ve found the way to test our Map Reduce code, so that’s what I present in this post.