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AR.Drone 2 Initial Setup in Linux

I’ve purchased a new toy, known as the AR.Drone 2. I was attracted by its powerful motors, its two cameras and by its capacity to be controlled via a smartphone. But the real reason why I bought this toy is because we can access to an SDK for free!

Wiring a Character LCD to an Arduino Board

The post’s title says it all! I just bought an arduino and I’m currently learning how to use it. This article present a summary of a post I found showing how to connect an LCD to an arduino board.

A Gas App for Android - SQLite

I bought an android smartphone last summer. Shame on my geek attitude, I decided to do that only because I wanted to learn how to program for android phones. In fact, it’s quite simple and, fortunately for me, it was documented a lot by the google team. Since I just finished my bachelor in software engineering, I also bought a car. So I told myself: “Hey, why don’t you do a simple app so you can learn AND follow your gas consumption at the same time?”.

Wake-On-LAN With a Stubborn Router Using an Arduino

This post is a tutorial that describes what needs to be done to remotely boot up your computer. When I did it myself, I had a stubborn router that did not allow the reception of the magic packet from the internet, so I used an arduino board with an ethernet shield to act as a LAN relay.

Avoid the Unavoidable Visitor’s Cycle of Dependencies

I got a quick tip. I had to implement a visitor pattern (as in GOF’s book, “Design Patterns”, go read it). After it was done, I suddenly realized that this class had created an enormous cycle of dependencies in my program. It is a problem inherent to the pattern when implemented in C++, C#, Java and in any other static languages.