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Particle Filter

Still reading the same book of Probabilistic Robotics, I implemented a Particle Filter. I show in this article my whole code to draw the filtering of a robot’s position. The problem used is the same used for implementing the unscented Kalman filter.

Extended Information Filter

I’m still reading Probabilistic Robotics from Thrun,Burgard and Fox. Here’s how to implement the extended information filter algorithm.

The Cubic Sudoku Problem

On my previous post on this subject, I explained how I created a Sudoku solver for Android using the CoR pattern. Now, some students I am supervising in an engineering course at Laval University were given the task to solve a Cubic Sudoku. This problem looked interesting so I wanted to search a bit to find how difficult it is to solve this problem. You will see in this article that it’s really no big deal.

Chain of Responsibility Sudoku Solver for Android

A couple of years ago, I implemented with the help of Julien Grenier a little program for creating random sudokus and for solving them in an intelligent way. We demonstrated that there was a simple way to solve a Sudoku faster by avoiding the bruteforce solution. Since it worked well, I took a day of the weekend to use this program in my android smartphone.

AR.Drone 2 Initial Setup in Linux

I’ve purchased a new toy, known as the AR.Drone 2. I was attracted by its powerful motors, its two cameras and by its capacity to be controlled via a smartphone. But the real reason why I bought this toy is because we can access to an SDK for free!

Wiring a Character LCD to an Arduino Board

The post’s title says it all! I just bought an arduino and I’m currently learning how to use it. This article present a summary of a post I found showing how to connect an LCD to an arduino board.