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Extended Kalman Filter With Quaternions for Attitude Estimation

During my Master’s degree, I found a complete tutorial for the quaternion algebra. The authors explained the process of implementing a Kalman filter for attitude estimation with 6 degrees of freedom. In this post, I show an implementation in Matlab. I’ve also made a Python version of the code, so write to me if you want to have it!

Get the Gumstix's Overo Working With Caspa Camera

I recently wrote this post where I showed how to get started with the latest linux kernel. Now, I learned that you need to freeze in order to use caspa cameras with the gumstix. So after hell of a search, I finally got everything working. I describe what I have done in this post.

C#: CSV Exporting Made Easy

I found on StackOverflow a shared class allowing to easily export any data to a file, in a string or in a byte array. Thanks Chris!

Mocking Internal Objects in a Clean Way

Suppose you have a class with a public constructor. This class contains a private object that do a lot of stuff you don’t want it to do for unit testing. Here’s an excellent way to do that.

Unit Testing an Abstract Class?

Don’t laugh! That may sound curious (or trivial, if you are a true tester), but why would you repeat the tests for the methods of an abstract class into all of its children? Or worst, why would you write the tests for the methods of an abstract class in only one child? That would not be unit tests and if you remove the children, you remove tests duplication, but you leave the abstract class untested. You don’t want that, so here’s a quick how-to guide: