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Play Chess With a Webcam

The project named ChessCam is finally completed! I was wondering if I would one day have the opportunity to play chess against the AI without using a keyboard or a mouse.

Numerical Rounding Problem in EKF Filtering

Lindsay Kleeman presented a solution to a numerical rounding problem found in the Extended Kalman Filter. In this post, I summarize the paper by showing where the error is and how it can be solved.

Use a Device With the USB OTG Port of a Gumstix

This post shows how I managed to use a Firefly camera, from Point Grey, with a Gumstix under Linaro. I present how to use a regular mini-usb cable and hack it into an OTG cable, and I show how to make the gumstix accept a device that demands more power that gumstix’s OTG port can offer.

Make a Web Server With Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a cute gadget. It’s a computer that fits in your hand! I just bought one and I asked myself if it was possible to build my own server on this little piece of technology?

Extended Kalman Filter With Quaternions for Attitude Estimation

During my Master’s degree, I found a complete tutorial for the quaternion algebra. The authors explained the process of implementing a Kalman filter for attitude estimation with 6 degrees of freedom. In this post, I show an implementation in Matlab. I’ve also made a Python version of the code, so write to me if you want to have it!