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About This Blog

To put you in context, I found myself searching the web to find informations or programming solutions in order to solve problems that I already encountered. So I thought "Hey, I could create a blog to store any bug or code that I believe could be useful in the future for me or somebody else!" Take a look inside and share if you liked anything in this blog!

My name is Olivier Dugas. I’m a junior software engineer that graduated from Laval University in Quebec City in 2012. I’ve also a Masters in Computer Science. My specialisation is probabilistic robotics. I chose this path for three main reason.

  • Since computer science and software engineering is considered as the same in my city, I wanted to specialize in order to look a bit more appealing for companies.
  • I enjoy working with robots and doing researches. I love to solve hard challenges and I hate to be tought as “yet another programmer”
  • My greatest weakness at school was probabilities, so I told myself: “Hey, why don’t you master this science, since you find it difficult”

Also, I’m a software professional. By professional, I mean that I worship code quality. By code quality, I mean code that read like well written prose, which is fully covered by tests, and which is structured in a clean architecture.

What I can do for a company:

  • I am good in solving problems
  • I code clean as I learned from the bests (Elapse Technologies)
  • I know many languages. Name it, I can program it. Otherwise, give me a week and you will be impressed, I mean it
  • I prefer to work with the Agile/Scrum methodology. That said, I can adapt to anything very fast
  • I prefer research jobs, technical jobs and training jobs over project management jobs, but I have solid experience in all of these domains

Contact me via LinkedIn if you have any question about me, if you want to hire me or if you want me to get some hard work done!